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The couple first showed up nearly three years ago on TLC: Chantel, a thenyear-old nursing student, met Pedro through a mutual friend as she was trying to learn Spanish. He wanted to learn English. They often used Google translate to communicate at first. She flew to the Dominican Republican and they fell in love quickly. On their third trip there, he proposed. They believed he was just using Chantel to become an American citizen.

Nicole and Chantel clashed as well.

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Ultimately, the pair did get married and TLC has followed their journey ever since. River used to be super close to Chantel but Pedro has caused a rift that has yet to be resolved. And Winter has her own relationship challenges with her boyfriend of five years. The bottom line for both Chantel and Pedro is they both love their families and desperately want them to get along. If the in laws can make peace, that might calm the waters between Chantel and Pedro so they can have their own kids some day without so much drama, Pedro said.

Pedro is still taking English classes and after three years, his comprehension is great and he can speak passably well - if not always clearly. The show still subtitles him sometimes. In Other News. All Rights Reserved.

The Family Chantel's Life During Quarantine - 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined

By using this website, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policyand understand your options regarding Ad Choices. Learn about Careers at Cox Enterprises.Chantel Everett was born on 2 Februarywhich meant he was 29 years of age as of October Her parents come from different ethnicities.

Apart from her parents, Chantel had two siblings in the family. She had a brother called River and a sister called Winter. Chantel Everett was a woman of average height, standing at a height of 5 ft 6 inches. Back in the day, there were some rumors about Chantel going through plastic surgery. Some fans of her shows noticed the increase in her breast size during lateand speculations started that she might have had breast augmentation surgery.

In Januaryhowever, Chantel refuted the plastic surgery rumors by coming to Instagram and posting a split-photo of andshowing similar breast size. In spite of her refutations, some people, including a few of her co-stars, still believed that she must have had some kind of plastic surgery. Chantel was not only a reality TV star but also a social media celebrity.

On Instagram, she had k followers, which she had earned with her posts. Her posts were mostly of herself posing in different dresses. Chantel also had a Facebook page with likes and followers. However, Chantel was inactive on the page in the last few years. Her last post was dated in October The story of Chantel and Pedro and all the drama surrounding them will be chronicled in the next section.

Apart from participating in reality TV, Chantel is also a social media influencer, and she was especially active on Instagram. And she used her Instagram to earn her more money. Chantel endorsed many products like purses, teas, facial products, etc.

Chantel Everett Wiki: Net Worth, Job, Parents, Siblings

Moreover, Chantel Everett also held a job as a model and frequently came to Instagram to post pictures of her modeling jobs. In the beginning, Chantel and Pedro were dating in the long-distance. Chantel frequently went to the Dominican Republic to meet Pedro.

thomas everett chantel

In one of those visits, Pedro proposed to Chantel and she said yes. Then the dating moved to the United States. They thought that he was only dating Chantel for the Greencard. As ofthe couple lived in Atlanta, Georgia, in the midst of all the family drama.

They had no kids but expressed their desire to have some. Published by Ajay View all posts by Ajay. Skip to content by Ajay Posted on. Read the article below to know more about Chantel, her net worth, and much more. Published by Ajay.Nevertheless, only a few have been able to stand out and make it on its spin-off shows.

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On top of the list, we have Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. In this article, we will talk more about television personality and social media influencer Chantel Everett.

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Since Julythe spin-off show, The Family Chantel premiered. Also, exclusively find ou t her net worth, age nationality, and wiki! While on a trip to the Dominican Republic, Chantel first met her husband Pedro Jimeno, after a Spanish teacher introduced them to each other. After that, she repeatedly took trips to the Dominican Republic to visit him. Luckily, in one of her trips way back to the Dominican Republic, her husband Pedro proposed her.

Despite having immense happiness, Chantel was anxious that her family would think that he was only proposing to get his green card. Consequently, she told her family that Pedro was in America on a student travel visa. Her mother Karen has been disapproval of Pedro over deceiving with K-1 visa process and getting closer with a female friend during a dance moves. While Chantel supports of Pedro from every core:.

Photo Credit: Instagram. As of now, Chantel has kept all the odds out of her love life. Eventually, the two married in the United States, yet they had planned to marry in the Dominican Republic. Even if everyone from her family misunderstood her husband, she has always been there for him. Delving Chantel Everett net worth, along with appearances on multiple TV shows she endorses several sponsored items on her Instagram page. Chantel Everett net worth has touched the new height after she joined the team and got fame.

As ofChantel Everett net worth is missing. To know Chantel Everett net worth in future, stay updated! Regarding her early life, she has always been very private. She shares close relations with her parents and siblings who appear alongside her on the spinoff.

Her family is often involved in issues from the fabrication of the K-1 visa process to his dance moves with a female friend. As ofChantel is 25 years old, yet her birthdate is missing.

She holds American nationality, but her ethnicity is unknown. At present, she has almost half a million followers on her Instagram. Chantel Everett family. Entertainment share.They say that people watch soap operas to escape the boredom of their own daily lives. Chantel Everett, one of the show's stars, has had a tough time getting her family to accept her husband Pedro. But her mom has been the toughest to convince of them all. Who is Chantel Everett's mom? Her name is Karen and she is taking no prisoners.

But with the advent of their spin-off, now we're getting a closer look at everyone in Chantel's family, including her parents Thomas and Karen, with whom she shares a very close bond. Chantel and Pedro's families do not get along to put it very mildly and one of the biggest stirrers of the drama pot is Chantel's mother, Karen.

thomas everett chantel

While many kinds of relationships have to weather their own ups and downs, few have had to weather almost exclusively downs: it's a miracle this couple is still together, and Karen is one of the biggest issues in their lives. Things may have started with sparks as far as Pedro and Chantel are concerned, but for their families, it has been nothing but clouds.

When Chantel first introduced Pedro to her family, she wasn't exactly forthright about how they met. Naturally, once they learned the truth her family became worried that Pedro was using Chantel in the hopes of making a permanent home in the United States. But it wasn't just Chantel's family that had issues with the relationship. When Pedro's family got word of just how badly Chantel's peeps were treating their boy, they, in turn, got pissed and decided to take it out on Chantel!

thomas everett chantel

Now everyone is getting a chance to be miserable, great! Time and tide has done nothing to make Karen chill about the relationship.

Interview: Chantel, Pedro of ‘90 Day Fiance’ gets spinoff ‘The Family Chantel’

Another theory Karen has is that his entire family is living vicariously through Pedro, sending HIM money so that he can live out their own fantasies. How she reconciles this with him stealing Chantel's money is beyond me. If Chantel's family loves anything other than her, it's hating on Pedro. They have all sorts of vaguely nuts ideas about all manners of different secrets they suspect that Pedro is hiding from Chantel.

TLC Announces 90 Day Fiance Spinoff The Family Chantel! Show to Feature Chantel Everett’s Family

Perhaps the strangest one in my humble estimation is when the family, led by Karenstarted a whisper campaign alleging that Nicole, Pedro's sister, wasn't actually his sister in the first place! What was she to him then? Why to hear Karen and the rest tell it, Nicole is Pedro's secret lover! Their reasoning behind this is odd, to say the least.On the show, various folks meet people overseas, get engaged and bring them to the United States on special K-1 visas.

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They must get married within 90 days for the foreigner to stay. Will they actually get married? The fourth season debuting Sunday at 9 features five couples, one which includes year-old Atlanta nursing student Chantel. TLC refuses to provide full names. If anybody happens to know her, email me at rho ajc. It's Chantel Everett. He wanted to learn English so it was mutually beneficial.

They quickly fell for each other, often using Google translation to communicate. I welcomed that behavior. He was really cute. When she visited him in his home country, she felt instant chemistry. When you're on a beach doing fun activities like that, love can definitely be enhanced. On her third trip there, he proposed.

Chantel, who is from a tight-knit family and still lives at home, understood her parents were skeptical. I give them a fair chance from the very beginning. He was nothing but lovable and sweet and just so caring. She barely knew Spanish and he knew even less English and didn't appear to try too hard to learn.

Her rationale: "Sometimes, I feel like love has its own language. There are other ways to express love. Chantel said she pitched herself to the show, thinking it might be fun to have their journey chronicled for a national audience.

He does make it to Atlanta the next day.Ashley shared a screenshot of an article by Champion Daily and posted it to her page. The headline of the story plainly states Chantel "caught" Pedro.

She captioned it with a broken heart emoji and told herfollowers to check out the link in her bio for more information. While the information might seem new, it's nothing that fans who regularly watch the series don't already know. Pedro flew to his native Dominican Republic without Chantel so he would take a break from their marriage. While there, he danced provocatively with his sister's friend, Coraima. This is the "cheating" Champion Daily was referring to, under the guise that some people consider dancing to be cheating.

During the tell-all Sunday, co-star Pao Mayfield slammed Pedro, saying he was a married man and shouldn't be acting that way, but she didn't accuse him of infidelity.

Chantel didn't use the word cheating either, though she became visibly upset when TLC replayed the moment.

thomas everett chantel

The new information about "cheating" doesn't appear until the final photo of the slideshow created by Champion Daily.

They also used the word "caught," as if Chantel found out something people didn't already know. In reality, Pedro's sister showed Chantel a video of Pedro drunkenly partying with Coraima. So why would Ashley share something like this? It's most likely because they're getting paid by the celebrity news outlets to promote the stories on their personal accounts, which boast hundreds of thousands of followers. Fighting between Pedro and Chantel's family has been the biggest cause of contention for the couple.

Aside from meeting with a counselor as a group to fix their problems, viewers will get to see what happened when Chantel and her family traveled to the Dominican Republic to confront Pedro's family. And this is the case with your in-laws," Mother Chantel, whose real name is Karen, says in a teaser.

To find out what happens next, don't miss The Family Chantel when it airs on Mondays at 9 p. ET on TLC.Winter, who played a relatively minor role in 90 Days, will be taking on a much bigger role this time around, while the rest of the extended family is expected to be as entertaining and lively as ever. Instead of coming out with the truth about their secret engagement, Chantel claimed Pedro was visiting America on a student visa rather than a K-1 visa. After some digging around by the media, it turned out it was simply a legal services site.

However, over the next few months, we may see- if not exactly a blossoming bromance- then at least a cooling off of animosities. During an interview with RealityTVWorldRiver expressed some regret over losing his temper during a fight with Pedro, suggesting a new level of self-reflection that may herald the beginning of a whole new chapter… or maybe not.

If you were concerned Chantel and Pedro would be too busy filming their new series to find time to shoot Days, you can relax.

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The couple has no plans to bail on the show that made them, at least for the time being. Not all the drama is expected to come from the warring in-laws… Chantel and Pedro have just as an explosive relationship as their families do. While 90 Days and its previous spinoffs may have all shown on the weekend, TLC has decided to move its latest addition to Mondays no doubt taking into account its already jam-packed Sunday schedule.

Whether or not its decision will impact on viewing figures, only time will tell, but judging by the buzz around the series, it seems very unlikely. Dana Hanson-Firestone has extensive professional writing experience including technical and report writing, informational articles, persuasive articles, contrast and comparison, grant applications, and advertisement.

She also enjoys creative writing, content writing on nearly any topic, because as a lifelong learner, she loves research. Her favorite topics are psychology, sociology, anthropology, history and religion. You must be logged in to post a comment. TV News. Prev Article Next Article. About The Author Dana Hanson-Firestone More from this Author Dana Hanson-Firestone has extensive professional writing experience including technical and report writing, informational articles, persuasive articles, contrast and comparison, grant applications, and advertisement.

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