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Remember Me? Second Lieutenant. Anyone know how I can obtain the cheat sheet for expert mode? Never used expert mode before is this straightforward to use or is there a big chance of bricking the car? Appreciate 0. Lol just code it the normal way. Not worth the risk imo. Private First Class. Originally Posted by Paul SR.

Appreciate 1. Paul SR Appreciate 2. Wanted to see if I could code in the changes rather than using a coder. I will have a look at the above but looking at expert mode on BimmerCode appears to be really difficult and no idea what it all means lol. Lieutenant Colonel. Comfort access on drivers seat. Attached Images. Originally Posted by m3centurion. Can you control exhaust flaps with bimmercode? Many modules are interchangeable so yes. It's not like the M4 has a different FEM unit.

Originally Posted by t5pilot. You are quite right - I think you can on Bimmerlink. Need to get rid of active sound - is it better to unplug or code through bimmercode? Easier way is to code it out with Bimmercode. I did this initially. It's a pain to get to just to unplug it if you're not doing anything else Thing is, with Bimmercode, it's so easy. You'll know straight away if it's worked, as once it's disabled, you'll be surprised just how much artificial sound was being pushed through your speakers.

I don't suppose you can beat actually unplugging the module though for true certainty it's disabled. Just be careful unplugging it if you don't have HK audio, as I think it causes issues with other sounds. I have the HK audio but I think coding it out will be easier.Remember Me? Private First Class. Bimmercode just recently gave us android users expert mode I was wondering has anyone successfully enabled Office on their cars with it and if so what settings did you use to turn it on. I was looking for a more current cheat sheet to the codes that can be activated but I can only find the one at the top of coding forum from and it didn't include any office settings.

Appreciate 0. Major General.

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Originally Posted by bimmer4lif3. Find More Posts by Almaretto. Thank you for the response. Do you happen to know how I would go about activating this this function? I have F36 with pro nav and ebt but no office icon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Appreciate 1. BeFantastic 4. I just coded office via bimmercode in my no problems.

Originally Posted by steve Originally Posted by Almaretto. It can be done, but curious as to how you went about determining which FDL's to change.

Appreciate 3. Almaretto Hey Steve, That's great news!Remember Me? Sport Mode Configuration. Replaced with Active Sound Design Section. Active in all CA cars by default.

Previous Versions: v1. I have kept it to myself for a while but then I shared it with a few people on the BMW forums and got really good feedback and suggestions to share it with everyone. This is basically a compilation of all the codes I could find on forums, external sites, PMs, and other cheat sheet.

I wanted to make it because I was sick of how tiny the writing was on spreadsheets and how lose and all over the place codes were.

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So I made it how I thought it would look the best! In my opinion of course. I revised it to make it coherent with everyone. So download it below If people here end up liking it, I can continue updating it and posting it to the forums with a change log. I want to continue to add codes or missing information, so feel free to notify me if I'm missing anything.

Anyways, check it out and lemme know what you guys think! Here's a screenshot of the Table of Contents for reference They are clickable links in the PDF. Last edited by Halsifer; at AM. Reason: Update to Revision 1. Appreciate Very Good! Thanks for sharing! Appreciate 0.

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Brigadier General. Second Lieutenant. Great work! Appreciate 1. Wow, thanks so much for this! Definitely a must have quick reference. I had a quick scan through it, but couldn't see anything for coding LED lightbulbs in the break lights and rear turn signals. I know this info is in another thread I just can't seem to find it at the moment either. Perhaps an addition to future versions of the cheat sheet??? Originally Posted by Rxpert.

bimmercode expert mode cheat sheet f10

Last edited by Halsifer; at PM. Lieutenant Colonel. Private First Class. Funny I was thinking about doing the same thing, you're awesome.To make this work, the car has to be equipped with an alarm system. If this function is active, the last used air circulation setting will be restored during the next start of the car.

If this function is active, the last used air conditioning setting will be restored during the next start of the car. The brightness of the angel eyes with low beam or parking lights.

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Use a backup to revert this coding once it has been applied. Please note that this coding has to be carried out for both headlights left and right separately. The brightness of the angel eyes with low beam.


The brightness of the angel eyes with parking lights. The maximum volume that is saved when the iDrive system is shut off and restored automatically on the next start-up. The type and capacity of the 12 V battery. Please note that this value must only be modified if the battery in the car has been replaced. The type of the Brake Force Display. The Brake Force Display is activated during hard braking to warn the following traffic.

During convenient closing the windows are closed and the power folding mirrors are folded. To trigger convenient closing the lock button on the remote control has to be pressed and held.

For convenient closing with the Comfort Access the door handle has to be touched and held at the ribbed surface. For convenient closing with the remote control, the lock button has to be pressed and held. During convenient opening the windows are opened and the power folding mirrors are unfolded. For a convenient opening the unlock button on the remote control has to be pressed and held. When using Comfort Access, the door handle has to be gripped and held.

For convenient opening with the remote control, the unlock button has to be pressed and held. Enable the full display of text messages while driving.

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Please note that the car has to be equipped with the required sensors.Quick links. I bought the Vgate Wifi Car2 and Bimmercode. I used a document i found online that showed a list of all the things I could code and wrote down 9 items I wanted to do: 1. Removed the welcome gongs 2. Unlock all doors with engine off single pull handle 4. Electronics off when door opened 5.

Enable Hold Mode for Range Extender 7. Disable Legal Disclaimers 8. I've been reading through threads on this forum about this and it appears that this is a common issue and that this coding doesn't work through Bimmercode? Can anyone clarify that for me? I contacted the programmer of Bimmercode and he confirmed that it was not working actually but working on it.

He also asked me to try in expert mode with no luck.

bimmercode expert mode cheat sheet f10

Where in the submenus of Bimmercode were you able to find 2? Mind sharing? A fanatic of all things electric. Ridables like electric ice chests and stand up scooters I adore.

Drones like DJI, I root for. I'm a fan of both, but nothing beats my love for my i3 Rex with Deka World. Shhh, don't tell my wife. Did that work for you. In my i3 both battery and rex range is showing the same range even after increasing the fuel tank capacity via bimmercode easy mode and it has been two weeks.

Contact Us Upgrade your account Advertise. Board index.Remember Me? Major General. This is very straight forward as it reads your cars modules and gives you the options in plain English.

It also has an expert mode so you can go into all of the modules in detail. Appreciate 2. Private First Class. Sounds interesting. Can it be done by a complete noob? What sort of wifi dongle, etc? How much does it cost I know the app is free to download but do you need to do in app purchases to make it all work?

Appreciate 0. Originally Posted by Johnny Grabble. Thanks JLR Didn't know this existed. Looks more user friendly than Carly, and at a guess easier to use than E-Sys. I've used the latter and once you get the hang of it, becomes fairly straightforward. Am interested in the improved Sports Dials and how they differ? Do you get the shift lights round the rev counter - think I recall you have digital cockpit in yours Originally Posted by Mogwai That's not too bad.

Do you know if it lets you code the indicators into the HUD? Attached Images. Appreciate 1.Once you are ready to code, check in here. We are mostly dealing with NCS Expert. E-Sys list with the body Need help activating the retrofitted parts? Chat with other members for insights.

bimmercode expert mode cheat sheet f10

My NCSExpert does not have a Faults after replacing Visit this section to view products and solutions offered by our vendors. Consumer BMW software and apps. This is not for diagnostic software. The i Ventures. Carly for BMW! Remote Coding all over the Have any suggestions, feedback or questions?

Feel free to comment or ask. Remember Me? What's New? What is Coding? Know your options!

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