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Modern society has an obsession with food and with eating. Everywhere you turn, there are advertisements for different food products and food just seems to be constantly pushed at us.

At the same time, food can have a strong impact on our emotions and many of the products in our stores are made and marketed in a way that makes us crave them. Our obsession with food is incredibly unhealthy and dangerous — but how do we break out of that? After all, we do still need to eat to live. One interesting idea is that perhaps our eating patterns are wrong. Do we really need to eat three meals plus snacks every day?

Skin Autophagy: 10 Strategies to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Is being hungry actually something we should be avoiding at all costs? Or, might it be, that hunger is much more important than we typically assume? Those concepts are why there has been increased interest and research into a biological process called autophagy, along with the implications that an autophagy diet might have for our health and weight.

Autophagy is a process that occurs in our cells. So, essentially, autophagy means self-eating. Autophagy is a normal process within the body that involves the destruction of cells and proteins as well as turnover of various components of cells.

The end result is that autophagy is necessary for the creation of new cells. Typically, autophagy will occur at a low level, but autophagy also responds to changes in the external environment. Specifically, autophagy response to stress and increases as a response to stress.

One example of that type of stress is hunger and nutrient deprivation. By constantly eating, many of us rarely ever enter into a state of hunger and certainly never stay there. This may have dramatic implications for the function of our cells. After all, by doing this we are keeping the process of autophagy at a low level.

We live in a society that is constantly surrounded by food and where we often eat out of habit, not out of hunger. For example, most people in our society follow a pattern of three main meals a day plus perhaps three or more snacks throughout the day.

This pattern is even true for people who are trying to lose weight. In fact, people often focus on just changing the food they eat when they are working on weight loss — rather than focusing on how much they eat or when they eat. One end result of this is that people rarely go more than a few hours without food except while they sleep and many people eat as soon as they are hungry. Supporters of the grazing concept actually suggest that we eat even more often than this — having smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

autophagy scars

Realistically, most of the benefits that people do find with grazing probably come from unintentional changes in behavior, such as eating fewer calories or changing the time that a person eats. People often do find that they make unintentional behavioral changes when they start any diet type, which can be desirable or undesirable depending on the specific changes.

In the case of grazing, people often end up eating more than they intend to as eating more frequently tends to be associated with higher overall calorie intake 2. In contrast, there is a significant amount of research into the concept of autophagy and this continues to be an area that scientists are focusing on with their studies. Likewise, some autophagy diets can promote positive changes in eating habits, rather than negative ones.

Realistically, our levels of autophagy are probably lower than they have been throughout history. There are a number of potential benefits that can arise from sufficient autophagy. The process of autophagy has also been associated with protecting the brain 89. Likewise, impaired autophagy has been connected to the development of motor neuron degeneration Indeed, insufficient autophagy may also play a role in the development of other health issues, like cardiac diseases However, most approaches that promote autophagy are also effective as weight loss tools.

When it comes to dieting, one of the most important concepts is how autophagy can be triggered by hunger.

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As a result, one good example of an autophagy diet is intermittent fasting. A third approach is simply having one large meal per day and fasting for the rest although this variation often allows for snacks.Skin autophagy is a fascinating topic that I will dive into in detail in this article.

autophagy scars

Your skin is the largest organ that serves as a protective layer and performs essential tasks for your body. The health of your skin is essential not only for your looks but for your overall health.

Your skin protects you from virusesbacteria, and ultraviolet light UV from the sun. With the help of the sun, your skin produces vitamin D to serve essential functions in your body.

It also helps to keep your body at an optimal temperature and help your body react to important changes around and inside you. You will learn what autophagy is and why is it important for skin health. Finally, I will share 10 powerful strategies to rejuvenate your skin naturally. Your skin is your largest organ that serves as a protective barrier. Its health and surface are determined by dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors. To understand how to keep your skin healthy, it is important to first understand its anatomy and physiology.

The three major parts of your skin include the hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis. Other parts of the skin include the sebaceous glands, elastin, collagendermal-epidermal junction, sebum, and blood vessels. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. It acts as a protective barrier between your body and the environment.

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis made up of flat, dead skin cells called corneocytes to offer an effective buffer. The basal layer is the bottom layer of the epidermis where your pigments are being produced.

The dermis is the middle layer of your skin. The dermis also contains collagen and elastin to provide support and structure. The hypodermis is located below the epidermis and the dermis. It is made up of fat, nerves, and blood vessels, and serves as a cushion and insulation. The sebaceous glands are located at the root of the hair follicles.Does autophagy enable the reduction of scar tissue?

Sorry if I asked that question incorrectly. If I am fasting, will I likely be able to reduce scar tissue? I have scar tissue in my abdomen from surgery, and it impacts my pancreatic function. I have noticed that skin tags seem to have pretty much disappeared with eating keto and only the occasional short 24 to 36 hours fast. One of the posters here Todd? As a for instance, assuming that autophagy begins 24 hours into not eating according to Dr. Fung, the time it takes varieswould an 7-day fast be functionally equivalent to six 2-day fasts in terms of autophagy?

How to hack your cellular processes for a brighter complexion

Read Dr. Thank you all! While I used fasting to remove scar tissue around my heart that I could not see, I would also recommend that you investigate supplementing with Serrapeptase…. Tom, I have been faithfully taking serrepeptase for more than two years and I swear by it. I take twounits per night.

I am scheduled for an echocardiogram in January and will ask my cardiologist to check for scar tissue improvement. I had a heart attack 15 years ago. So to speak, lol! Serra taken in high dose ongoing has had miraculous effect for me, for a friend of mine and for her sister and a gazillion people reviewing it all over the internet, every brand. For 1.

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After serra it resolved. Also my vision seriously improved. The funny thing is I took it to help potentially with lipedema. Now my friend, she took it for L also, and she had real improvement gradually in some of it, but the real surprise was her sister, who had been walking with a cane for six years and could not climb the steps to visit her.

Her sister now uses no cane and has no trouble with the steps. The testimonials are endless on this stuff.Even in a healthy human body, cells are constantly becoming damaged as a normal part of metabolic processes.

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However, as we age, experience stress, and deal with more and more free radical damageour cells become damaged at an increased rate.

This is where autophagy comes in: It helps to clear damaged cells from the body, including senescent cells that serve no functional purpose but still linger inside tissues and organs. Only very recently in animal studies have researchers have been able to observe how autophagy can promote longevity and benefit the nervous system, immune system, heart and metabolism. Is autophagy good or bad for your health?

Autophagy has many anti-aging benefits because it helps destroy and reuse damaged components occurring in vacuoles spaces within cells.

However, scientists still emphasize that the exact way that autophagy processes work are just beginning to be understood. There are several steps involved in autophagic processes. Lysosomes are a part or cells that can destroy large damaged structures, like mitochondria, and then help to transport these damaged parts so they are used to generate fuel.

To sum up a complex process: damaged material must first be transported to a lysosome, then deconstructed, then spit back out to be repurposed. There are several different types of autophagy, including macroautophagy, microautophagy and chaperone-mediated autophagy. Humans are not the only species to benefit from autophagy. In fact, autophagy has been observed in yeast, mold, plants, worms, flies and mammals. Much of the research to date on autophagy has involved rats and yeast.

At least 32 different autophagy-related genes Atg have been identified by genetic screening studies. Research continues to show that autophagic process are very important responses to starvation and stress across many species. As of now, there is not clear evidence that autophagy or apoptosis controls the other process. But some studies have indicated that autophagy is a mechanism of apoptosis-independent cell death. Autophagy may act as a therapeutic target, protecting healthy cells and removing harmful ones.

When does autophagy occur? Autophagy is active in all cells but is increased in response to stress or nutrient deprivation fasting or starvation. Both of these strategies have been linked with benefits like weight control, longevity and inhibition of many age-associated diseases.Hypertrophic scar HS is a serious skin fibrotic disease characterized by excessive hypercellularity and extracellular matrix ECM component deposition.

Autophagy is a tightly regulated physiological process essential for cellular maintenance, differentiation, development, and homeostasis. Previous studies show that IL10 has potential therapeutic benefits in terms of preventing and reducing HS formation.

However, no studies have examined ILmediated autophagy during the pathological process of HS formation. Here, we examined the effect of IL10 on starvation-induced autophagy and investigated the molecular mechanism underlying ILmediated inhibition of autophagy in HS-derived fibroblasts HSFs under starvation conditions. In summary, the findings reported herein shed light on the molecular mechanism underlying ILmediated inhibition of autophagy and suggest that IL10 is a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of HS.

Autophagy is a degradative process in eukaryotic cells that removes or turns over bulk cytoplasmic constituents through the endosomal and lysosomal fusion system i. Hypertrophic scar HS is a major skin fibrotic disorder caused by hypercellularity and extracellular matrix ECM component deposition. Existing studies suggest that cytokines are important regulators of the autophagic process in both immune and non-immune cells. Fibroblasts are one of the most important effector cells responsible for HS formation.

ILmediated inhibition of starvation-induced autophagy in HSFs. Scale bars, 2 and 0. To verify the effect of IL10 on autophagy in starved HSFs, we examined autophagosome formation using transmission electron microscopy.

Ultra-structure analysis showed that the number of autophagosomes in starved HSFs was substantially higher Figure 1cmiddle row, red arrows than that in non-starved controls Figure 1cupper row. These results indicate that starvation induces the formation of autophagosomes in HSFs, and the process is inhibited by IL Fibroblast nuclei were stained with DAPI. Similar to the observations described in Figure 6acryptotanshinone alone alleviated starvation-induced suppression of p-AKT expression in the presence or absence of IL10 Figure 6eas did rapamycin Figure 6e.

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By contrast, rapamycin alone slightly reversed starvation-induced suppression of p-STAT3 expression Figure 6f. This result indicates that p-mTOR likely acts as a signaling molecule on which upstream signals converge before being transmitted downward to p-p70S6K. HS formation usually results from disturbance of the tightly controlled tissue repair mechanism due to traumatic skin injury.What is autophagy?

The word derives from the Greek auto self and phagein to eat. So the word literally means to eat oneself. It is a regulated, orderly process to degrade and recycle cellular components. There is a similar, better known process called apoptosis also known as programmed cell death. Cells, after a certain number of division, are programmed to die. While this may sound kind of macabre at first, realize that this process is essential in maintaining good health.

For example, suppose you own a car. You love this car. You have great memories in it. You love to ride it. But after a few years, it starts to look kind of beat up. The car is costing you thousands of dollars every year to maintain. Obviously not. So you get rid of it and buy a snazzy new car.

The same thing happens in the body. Cells become old and junky. It is better that they be programmed to die when their useful life is done. Then you get a new car. The same process also happens at a sub-cellular level. Sometimes, you just need to replace the battery, throw out the old one and get a new one.

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autophagy scars

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